Just South of Anzio


On January twenty-two, the year of forty-four;

Grim, determined fighting men went charging to the shore.

No ray of moon betrayed our stealth, as black of night hung low;

When our division hit the beach, just south of Anzio.

Five miles out, our mighty ship rode gently on a swell;

With ready guns and ready hands to blow the foe to Hell!

For we in blue must save the brown, should fall a Nazi blow;

And Army boys had Navy faith, just south of Anzio.

Then great concussions jarred the skies, as cannon spoke with


Roaring out the 'Victory Hymn' across the heaving sea.

The enemy, in blank surprise, could no resistance show;

As we spread out across the beach, just south of Anzio.

We drunk our fill of victor's wine, as forward went the guide,

That drove the spear of righteous wrath into the Nazi's hide.

But repercussions soon were felt, and precious blood did flow;

When Nazi bombers struck us hard, just south of Anzio.

Each passing day brought bombing raids, of ten and twenty more,

Yes! We lost ships and we lost men along that bloody shore.

The nights brought terror from the skies, death rained on us


And lives of brave men paid the price, just south of Anzio.

This Nazi foe, though Satan led, strikes back courageously,

Exacts a price in blood from those who fight on land and sea.

And if we welter deep in blood as on to Rome we go!

We'll finish up the job we started 'south of Anzio.



We pray that soon this war shall cease, and peace may reign on


And we can journey home again to love and joy and mirth.

Will we forget the hell of war? My heart must answer no!

I saw the blood that stained the deep, just south of Anzio.

O, Woman pray! O, Woman weep!

Let tears from heart depths flow.

He died for you upon the deep,

Just south of Anzio!

O, Woman cry! I thee beseech!

He loved your beauty so.

Your name was whispered on the beach,

Just south of Anzio.

And now they stand at heaven's gate,

With heads enshrined aglow;

Above the greed, the lust and hate,

They knew at Anzio!

O, Man, Pledge this unto your dead!

"That peace shall ever grow,

That ne'er again shall blood be shed,

on a beach like Anzio."


Written on the 8th day of February during the heavy bombardment of the Nazis along the beach of Anzio.


Copyright 1997- Edward Gardner

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